How do I follow Jesus?

Repent and turn away from living life your own way. With a humble heart we acknowledge that Jesus Christ paid the price of reconciliation to The Father and community and that he is the only way to God.

Declaration of your faith through baptism in water is a public act that is a symbolic demonstration that you identify with Christ in his death and are being born again into a new life through him.

Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Ask a mature Christian friend or a leader to pray for you. When the Holy Spirit fills us we are given supernatural gifts and empowered with the grace we need to live out the calling God has given us.

Restoration of identity. Once we are reconnected to God we can learn and understand his ways of doing things. Led by the Holy Spirit, we all need to be healed on the inside and set free from bondage and pain that will keep us from living the life that God has for us.

Commit to a local Christian community where you can serve and be equipped for your calling. This is where we become like Jesus as we work out our salvation in connection to and with the support of other believers and loving leadership. 

Develop personal practices that build your relationship with God one on one. Bible study and prayer, personal revelation, practicing God's presence. This is also how we develop spiritual maturity and intimacy with God.