Real God


Our identity is fully defined by our union with Jesus. We know that God is a good Father who loves us and we can live knowing that we are loved by him and fully accepted as we are. Once we are secure in his love we can trust him to guide our life, knowing that his intentions are always for our good.


We fully embrace the Bible and we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit today. We need both. If we are missing one, we will misinterpret the other. God speaks to us through his Word and speaks to us personally in many different ways. Theology without experience is only philosophy. Our God is alive now, so we pursue his presence and we allow his Spirit to work through us to love and serve others.

Real People


We are all on a journey to develop spiritual and personal maturity. We believe the Holy Spirit is transformative and works within us to make us like Jesus. We pursue healing and wholeness because we know that freedom is available.


We choose to stay committed to one another through the good times and the challenging ones because we believe that we become our best selves in community. In all of our diversity we maintain unity as we practice forgiveness and grace. In keeping with God’s design, we remain connected to an authentic, yet imperfect, body of believers.

Real Purpose


We choose to be contributors in an age of consumerism. We contribute as much as we can, as often as we can, from whatever we have. When we could sit back, we lean forward because we belong and we can only reach our potential as we see ourselves as one piece of a larger picture. We engage in what God is doing and we know that our part is important.


We carry the Kingdom of God within us and we have a responsibility to recognize and meet needs in our world. God has called us to bring justice and carry out his will on the Earth. We all have a calling, or a unique way to live out our purpose and commission. The ministry that God assigns us can change, but our motivation to make disciples and glorify Jesus always remains.




We believe that the commission of Jesus to make disciples is the personal responsibility of every believer. It is primarily through a personal encounter initiated by a follower of Christ that others decide to become Christians. As more people give their lives to Jesus, it is the role of the church to teach and equip them (aka discipleship). Through our ReviveHomes we disciple every member of our church. The Bible teaches that leadership in the church is appointed for the purpose of equipping followers of Jesus for their ministry calling (Ephesians 4:11). We do this in several ways:

  • Understanding the Bible and it’s relevance to life (see PATH)

  • Developing a lifestyle of intimacy with God through prayer and worship

  • Training in spiritual gifts

  • Inner healing and freedom from the past

  • Access to leaders for guidance, support and prayer


We believe that parents are called by God to disciple their children and we want to partner with families to raise kids that know and love Jesus. We have a conviction that strong families are God’s plan to sustain revival and rebuild broken communities. During our ReviveHomes kids are a part of the group and participate in worship. During the study some groups have an alternating roster of parents or helpers who discuss our Kids Path weekly study, which is based on the same scripture that the adults are studying. We also have a section in our App for families to engage in spiritual development together. During our monthly Open House Gathering kids worship with the community and then are released before the message for a short program. There is also a play area for babies where parents can stay in the gathering with younger children.




We believe that as followers of Jesus we have a calling to serve those around us and those far away. We like to say that we have a calling to Neighborhoods and Nations. Each ReviveHome finds ways to serve their local community and intentionally love and bless their neighbors. We also encourage members of our church to start ministries and regular outreaches in their neighborhoods. We then provide support with both leadership training and finance from the regular giving of the community. We also dedicate a percentage of giving to global missions organizations who serve those in extreme poverty and the persecuted church. We also have opportunities each year to go to the nations through short-term missions trips.