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God Gives Me Power to Help Others

1 Corinthians 12:4,7

“There are different kind of gifts; but they are all from the same Spirit... Something from the Spirit can be seen in each person, to help everyone.”

Why It Matters

We are God's children! We can trust that he will always be with us and help us. He loves us so much and nothing can ever change that. Because we are his children he gives us his power to help others and show them how much God loves them.

What It’s Talking About

Paul wrote this letter to a church that was in a city called Corinth. This was a new church and Paul was trying to teach them new things about God. He was teaching that there is only one God and telling them to get along with one other and love each other.


Parents, ask your child these questions and discuss with them:

1. Who is your favorite super hero?! What is his/her super power?

The Holy Spirit gives us gifts like superpowers! Everyone who believes in Jesus can have them. God made us each very special and different and he gives us all different gifts as well.

2. What are some of the superpowers God gives us?

If someone is sick God can use us to pray for them to be better. God tells us things in our hearts that can help others or about how much he loves them. We can pray to God in a special language that he gives us. You can love others like God does. You can encourage people and help them to see that they are important. You can give help to people that need it. You can teach your friends about God…

3. What do you think these super powers are for?

They are for us to love people and tell them about Jesus. We can help people at church, home, school or even people we just met!

4. How do you think you could you use your superpower to help someone?

Examples: praying for someone who doesn’t feel good or telling someone how much Jesus loves them and what he is saying about them.

Set An Example:

  • The best way for kids to see gifts and how they work is to watch you! As you pray for people and they see them healed or if they see you loving others or helping in your community.

  • Parents, tell your children about a gift you have and explain how you use it.

Pray Together

“Father God thank you for your gifts that you give us. Please help us to learn how to use our superpowers more everyday. Show us how to love people like you do. Thank you for making us each special and different. In Jesus' name Amen!


Have your child draw a self-portrait and then write down on their picture some things they are good at and what they love to do to help people. (…if they can write, also you can help and do this for them if they are younger.)

Speak Truth Over Your Child

Encourage your child in your own words and tell them what you see in them and how you believe God will use them.

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