A Yes & Yes Culture

In my Christian journey I've often observed that the church has two groups of people. The "Word" people and the "Spirit" people, as though one had to be chosen in order to fit it. If you were smart you chose the Word and if you were sensitive you chose the Spirit. Then I look at church history and see the massive extremes on both ends of these camps. Humanity has a tendency of picking sides instead of finding out the deep truth that needs to be learned at each end of an issue. 

The Holy Spirit always has a goal of drawing us into unity where our differences bring strength and health to one another. The enemy always has the goal of division; getting us to fear what we don't understand. This ultimately causes us to reject the very things we actually need to gain from our interdependence. 


We have a responsibility to keep a hand on each side so that we find ourselves somewhere is the middle. Sometimes we may lean, depending on the season of growth or life, but the goal is that we never let go of the tension.

How does God speaks to us? Some would say that the only way we hear God is through the Bible, others would say that God's primary way of speaking is through personal revelation. Both ends are true; but not in isolation. God's Spirit breathes on the words of scripture and makes it alive. If we are looking for literal instructions in the Bible we will be disappointed. "Where should I live?" There's no verse for that. Our God is relational and speaks to us in the context of relationship. On the other end if we are only concerned with what we believe God is saying to us and we have no understanding of the revealed nature and will of God through scripture, then it is very easy to be deceived. "I think God is telling me the date that the world is ending". Well no, he's not... 

We are called to unity in the church. This doesn't just mean that the thinking church should be friends with the feeling church down the street. It means that a Christian community actually needs to contain both. The fact is, we need to think differently. We each hold a unique tension and emphasis that brings something needed to the overall balance of the body. When we choose to be connected to people with different strengths we are stronger!

We must maintain the value of love over a desire to be right. The world is meant to know us by our LOVE, not our theology. Our church culture is Yes and Yes. We live in the tension between both ends, after all, that's usually where the truth lies.

We believe in instant and process, healing and doctors, Word and Spirit, structure and freedom, liberality and holiness, revelation and already revealed, grace and truth, justice and mercy, boundaries and testing, free will and sovereignty, knowledge and mystery, thinking and feeling.


Rhema TraynerComment